2 Good Websites, 2 Bad Websites and A Beautiful Video

Good Website 1 – My first good website is Netflix. I think it’s a good website because it is well designed. It is really easy to navigate, meaning anyone can use it. All the movies and TV programmes are in 2 categories – movies and programmes. These are then sub divided in to different genres. When you first sign up with Netflix, they give you a survey on what kind of stuff you like to watch and have recommendations based on this. Netflix also remembers what you have watched and then suggests other movies/TV programmes based on this. I think the best thing about Netflix is that if you are halfway through a movie or programme or even a certain episode in a series and you have to leave, the next time you log in it will take you back to where you left off. https://www.netflix.com/ie/


Good Website 2 –  My second website which I think is good is Business Insider. For me, it is a really good website as it has really interesting news articles on business, technology and careers that would not always be on other websites. When I go on this website I always end up spending a significant amount of on it reading interesting reports. It also keeps up with the news happening up to the minute but I find there are more articles related to my interests and things you may not have known.

http://uk.businessinsider.com/?r=US business-insider-select

Bad Website 1 – Not that its bad, I just personally didn’t like it. I found that it wasn’t that straight forward to use. It took me a long time to get used to it. My site and reader tabs didn’t do that much. The profile tab just took me in to edit my profile instead of being able to see all my blog posts on it.


Bad Website 2 – I think Ryanair is a bad website because it is not user/customer friendly. There are some hidden extras that are unclear to untick them. This can lead to be over-charged for extras you may not want. This can be misleading for customers. http://www.ryanair.com/ download

A Beautiful Video I think this video is beautiful because its inspiring and makes you want to go travelling. I like how its taken real experiences.


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