Celebrity Fitness DVDs – Are they worth the hype?

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Today I’m discussing Celebrity fitness DVDs and do they actually work.


It’s not hard to see why people fall for celebrity fitness DVDs. Not only are they well marketed, eye catching,  happy faces and of course, abs on display, they’re the ultimate in instant gratification – their promises of results with minimum effort, and the happy faces and toned bums of those involved make us think “I can look like that’.

However, in the fitness industry, they don’t have a great reputation, with many professionals writing them off as fads or quick fixes.

Personally, I find these celeb fitness wannabes really annoying.

Now no one needs to be a genius to figure out that putting a celebrity’s face on a the box is marketing. Naturally, they aren’t fitness experts, and  the real work of devising the routines is done by a fitness professional behind the scenes. So it seems rather false for the DVD to be promoted as if the ‘star’ is responsible for it. Wouldn’t it be more honest to have ‘The [trainer’s name] workout, presented by [celeb’s name] on the box?

This may seem harsh, but these DVDs are being made my ‘minor’ celebrities (soap stars and reality stars). You don’t see the likes of Cheryl Cole showing the world how she keeps her abs perfect on a DVD. Why? Because she is making millions doing her day job. So are these ‘celebrities’ cashing in while they are still in on their 15 minutes of fame? Are they possibly trying to extend it while still being slightly recognisable in the public eye?

Anyone remember Janice Battersby from Coronation Street?
Anyone remember Janice Battersby from Coronation Street?

The trendy thing these ‘celebrities’ appear to be doing is to pile on the pounds, get an unflattering picture running along the beach in a bikini and then six months later release a DVD with their size 8 figure flaunting on the front cover. This is one thing that stands to be recurring in these DVDs, the same cover photos. Realistically, you wouldn’t expect these DVDs to be promoted by someone fully dressed, but they always show 1. a badly lit, ‘unflattering’ before photo, and 2. a smiling, toned after photo (doubtlessly airbrushed).

download (1)

These DVDs are like snowballs gathering speed, once one soap actress or reality star makes one, they all make one. It’s almost predictable who will be next in line to make one .Then the shelves are full of smiling bikini-clad ‘stars’ showing their ‘stunning new figure’. The most recent are DVDs made by the starts of reality show, Geordie Shore, Vicky Pattinson and Charlotte Crosby, who often made their living drinking and galavanting for the MTV show. It’s clear that sort of lifestyle – vodka, tequila, kebabs, regrets – does not make for a fabulous figure.

article-2531644-1A38D10000000578-696_306x436                                          charlottecrosby

Charlotte Crosbys 3 Minute Belly Blitz – nobody could think a three-minute routine would result in losing four dress sizes – or would they? This seems just too good to be true, and a bit misleading. If it were really that simple we would all be walking around like Victoria Secret models. When you read the small print on Charlotte’s DVD, it’s reads that you start with three-minute routines, working up to being able to complete 12 different ones as your fitness improves. There’s also a 10-minute killer ab routine to complement the fat-burning, and a healthy eating guide.

She also has the added benefit of trainer Richard Callendar, who is from ITV’s, The Biggest Loser, who is there throughout the week ensuring she does the workouts and giving her the motivation to see it through. Unfortunately, the majority of people do not have that luxury.

To me, these DVDs are selling dreams to people hoping for a quick fix. These quick fixes don’t last. So save your money, join a bootcamp or even just start walking/running (C25K is a great running app for beginners and its FREE!!) and see results that will last!!


(And if you need some motivation to get back in to it, have a read here)

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